Pandora Star Light Therapy

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What is Pandora Star Light Therapy

Pandora Star Light Therapy is an advanced flickering light machine featuring 12 stroboscopic LEDs that offer a fast, safe, and easy way to reach a deep trance state. The device is designed to stimulate the brain’s natural production of neurochemicals for inducing altered states of consciousness, relaxation, and deep meditation traces.

Pandora Star is an advanced light therapy that uses flickering lights to assist in entering a deep meditated state, hypnosis, and trance states for personal and spiritual development. It can help users achieve deep states of relaxation, enhance creativity, improve focus, gain clarity, and facilitate personal transformation.

The therapy works by a series of LED lights that are designed to flicker at specific frequencies. These frequencies are carefully chosen to match the natural rhythms of the brain and can help to promote relaxation and reduce stress and anxiety.

Overall, Pandora Star is a unique and innovative therapy that offers a wide range of potential benefits. Here are just some of the many benefits of flickering light (visual brainwave entrainment):

  • Stress, Anxiety, Depression Relief
  • Sleep Aid for Insomnia, Jet Lag, and Other Issues Associated With Re-Synced Circadian Rhythm
  • Cognitive Enhancement: Increased brain processing speeds (think/read faster), improved memory, more creativity, less distractible.
  • Relief of PMS Symptoms: Clinical studies done at London's Hammersmith Hospital has shown that 71% of participants achieved total relief from symptoms of PMS.
  • Deeper explorations in altered states.

The electromagnetic activity in your brain naturally begins to follow the frequencies of the light, known as Brain Entrainment. Click on Brain Entrainment to learn more.

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