Hi, I’m Janine Williams

I am a certified Health Coach and Empowering Self Relationship Coach with an MBA in Transformational Life Coaching and Emotional Energy Healing. My work is based on the fundamentals of Quantum Physics, Neurolinguistic Programming, Integrative Health Coaching, Energetics, Mindset, Conscious Awareness, and the Evolution of the souls that will allow my clients to come back home to their authentic selves.

I am a mother of 2 boys and a dedicated wife. I started my journey in wellness almost two decades ago, where I taught others the importance of whole-food nutrition and the toxins found in our foods. I believe knowledge is power, especially when we choose to use that knowledge for our highest good. 

Several years later, I dove into the rabbit hole investigating the toxins found in our everyday products, and yet again, I found myself educating others. A few years later, my son had an adverse reaction to one of his childhood vaccines. Yes, you guessed correctly, I started learning about the harmful ingredients found in our children’s vaccines and knew I was being led to yet another secret, which has been kept hidden from humanity.

During my healing journey, I was guided to Meditation, which allowed me to quiet my overactive mind. Yes, I was living in what I call a living hell, which I created. Within 6-weeks, I felt like a different person as layers of my false self melted away. Even my husband could feel and see a difference within me. As I continued to listen to my inner guidance system, I continued to explore more ways to crack open the shell that had encased my true self and set my heart free from all my past pain.

Forever Me Coaching/ Forever Me Healing Ministry is dedicated to guiding as many souls back home to their authentic selves. You will learn how to remove the shackles of overwhelm, stress beyond exhaustion, and the feeling of losing oneself in the rat race we call life. We will balance all aspects of the body, mind, and spiritual well-being. I make sure the process is fun, and we take one step at a time in helping you say “YES” to you as you create the life that brings you joy, inner peace, and novelty!

Schedule a complimentary consultation with me today, and let's see if we are a good fit for one another.

With so much Love + and appreciation,

Janine Williams

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