Are You Ready to Clear Your Limitations & Break Free from Generations of Unhealed Trauma?

1 on 1 Meditation: 6-Week Journey


When we learn to meditate daily, we are learning how to flow within our scattered minds, break through limiting beliefs, maintain peace within, have more focus and clarity, and live a longer, healthier life overall!

This super easy and fun experience will teach you HOW to Meditate daily, AND we will dive into HOW meditation can change your beliefs.
Near the end of this six-week journey, I will have a surprise for you. This surprise will give you more clarity on your purpose here on this earth.

Come with me on this "peaceful journey" that has taken me from having a stressed out, overwhelmed life to feeling completely focused and clear. It all starts with the simplicity and ease of a Meditation Practice. This six-week journey will have you doing just that! Our meditation classes will be held in the EE room to amplify our experience. The journey is always better with others!

Call Janine (813) 505-0677 after paying for this private 1 on 1 course.

A woman sitting in the middle of a forest.