Mission Statement

Thank you for having the courage, curiosity, and inner wisdom to want to elevate + reconnect to your authentic self.

At Forever Me Healing, we believe that all health problems, whether emotional, physical, or spiritual, stem from an imbalance within the body.

These imbalances typically can be caused by many different things: diet, emotional stress, anxiety, unhappiness, and a disconnection from spirit.

We offer different services to help one create that balance, so the body can do what it was designed to do: heal naturally.

We are here to help you on your journey by providing multiple services that will assist you in creating that balance within you. Would you agree it's time we take our health and happiness back?


12 Unit System with a Copper Harmony Gaia Sphere to amplify the scalar energies.

Welcome To A New Way of Healing

What we do: Through its immersive EES approach, Forever Me Healing leverages 5th dimension-based, scalar waves to create enhanced human energy fields to charge, rejuvenate, and self-heal cells while releasing disease-inducing toxins.

Why it matters: The human body is simply energy stored in mass particle form (cells). Yet the majority of today’s traditional and alternative healing methods don’t focus on the body’s cellular energy, despite the research showing it is the epicenter for all life-enhancing healing.

Why it’s better: The owner of Forever Me Healing has been following her divine guidance and purpose and knows God has asked her to help her fellow brothers and sisters by providing healing through cellular-level energy treatments, emotional energy healing that will ignite energy healing ripples and elevate consciousness across humanity via the healing reverberation our members will radiate into the world.

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